Monday, February 17, 2020

Patton Lessons in Leadership by Alan Axelrod Essay

Patton Lessons in Leadership by Alan Axelrod - Essay Example The main focus of the said work is the collection of the knowledge and the lessons brought about by George S. Patton, one of the most successful military general in the US. The most significant of the said concepts is the application suggestions to the corporate America even in the absence of war (Axelrod, 2001). The ideas of George S. Patton can be considered innovative but unconventional for his time. Although this is the case, upon the study of the published work, a significant affirmation regarding the feasibility of the ideas can be considered as the driving force for the popularity of the presented concepts and ideas. The views of Patton covered an extensive variety of experiences he related to leadership in any form, specifically the needs of the present era (Axelrod, 2001). One of the most evident attributes of Patton is his confidence to execute his decisions and views, a character that can be considered to have an important role in his capability to achieve goals, act upon what he planned and motivate his people. When one observes a leader such as Patton, at some point, following his goals and views can be inevitable. This can be attributed to his achievements during his leadership. The different concepts in leadership based on Patton can be related to the leadership image, communication in the organization, setting up of priorities, teamwork, performance, loyalty and achievement. The ideas presented in the published work mainly revolve in the corresponding applications of the concepts and methods Patton applied in military leadership during the war and the needs of the corporate world in terms of leadership. One of the ideas is projected in the development and upholding of the image of the leader. According to Patton, to be able to achieve success as a leader, the image for the people to follow is one of the most important factors.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Role of Elders in the Asian Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Role of Elders in the Asian Culture - Essay Example Families, communities, societies, and nations have been promoted by the elderly people during their lives. More importantly, children are educated, cared, and nurtured by the parents and elders in the Asian culture. Therefore, parents deserve comfort, love, and respect throughout their lives from their youngsters and children. In other words, caring and respecting elders and parents is the moral and ethical obligation of children in the Asian region. In this regard, it is the responsibility of elders to take care of their youngsters, love them, and keep guiding them throughout their lives. On the other hand, American or British culture allows the individuals to start making their own decisions in their adolescent age, which is very contrary with the norms and values of the Asian culture. For instance, teachers are often allowed to be strict with the young students in Asian schools, or elders often treat youngsters in a harsh way, which is very different, as compared with the American culture. (Blackkaby, 1998) In brief, role that is played by old people is affected significantly by the cultural differences, as role and respect changes to a higher extent in different cultures. (Huntington, 2000) In East-Asian culture, a notable tradition is specifically practiced in this region, which is referred as filial piety. China, Japan, and Korea are some of the cultures that have the dominated practice of such practice. Care for the elderly is the most imperative and foremost obligation of this tradition. (Lee, 2004) Moreover, elderly people in these cultures play a guiding role to nurture their youngsters in an emotional, as well as, spiritual manner. In the Asian context, parents and elders must provide shelter, care, and assistance to the youngsters in emotional, as well as, financial manner, which is once again, contrary to the Western culture, which obligates